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Guaranteed effortless savings on your gas, electricity, water, telecom, broadband, and mobile phone bills. We make you grow faster with extra savings. Fix your telephone and mobile bills to avoid paying hidden charges.

About Savings

How We Do It!

Leap Horse specializes in utility cost reduction and services optimisation for business customers. We search and compare all the UK suppliers to meet your business needs at lowest possible costs. We offer our customers to save on their entire utility supplies, whether its gas, electricity, water, telecom, or broadband. Just name and save. We work closely with almost all the UK Businesses’ energy and Telecom providers, to bring the cheapest solutions for your business. We take care of YOU at each step of renewal, switch, or installation of your services. Our after-sales team is always there to support you for any services or billing discrepancies. You will be assisted at all times of your business with Leap Horse. You will be assigned with a case-manager, whom you will be able to contact directly when required.

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It is very simple to get the ball rolling, you can make a call back request, or fill in the Register Your Interest form online , or call us on 020 8103 9899 , and we will take up your worries from there. We are open Monday to Saturday 10-6 pm.

Talk to Us

We will ask you a few simple questions to provide you with the cheapest and most appropriate quote meeting all your needs, and get everything sorted on just one call.

Start Saving

You can instantly start saving by Renewing or Switching with lowest available rates across all UK suppliers, whether you are looking for energy, water, or telecom solutions, or require the fastest and cheapest broadband.

Our services

What We Do?

We are specialized Utility brokerage company working in partnership with most business utility suppliers in the UK, bringing the best prices to the UK Businesses in making them save money on all their utility supplies, and grow with them alongside. We help businesses save in the following utilities.


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Mobile Phone

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Why Us?

Reasons to Get Us on Board

Leap Horse works as an extension to your business team, managing all your utility supplies, with no extra cost but savings. We aim to provide you the peace of mind you deserve by saving you both time and money. There are six main reasons to get us on board for your business supplies.

100% Independent Service

We work independently in partnership with all UK suppliers to negotiate the best deal for you.

One-Stop Shop

We fulfil all your utility needs including energy, water, telecom, and mobile connections.

Price Comparison

We compare prices of all UK suppliers to provide you with the cheapest rates available.

Man-Monitored quotes

We don’t leave quotes to software, but use human intelligence to provide best prices to meet tailored needs.

Automated Renewals

Keep track of your contracts to help you renew or switch at the end of term, saving you from paying out-of-contract rates.

Dedicated Account Manager

Direct contact dealing with your account, helping you throughout, saving you tackle a new person every time.

Save More Each Year

Save More Each Year

You go up the savings ladder every year you do business with us, we aim to save you at least 30% of your annual bills by getting you the best prices and providing you energy saving tips.

The UK Best Value Deals

We work with all the major utility suppliers across the UK, negotiating the best prices for your business to make you save more to grow faster. Flourished businesses, healthy economy.

Your dedicated utility’s manager takes care of your contracts’ dates, renewals, and future savings, to save you from paying extra costs in lieu of out-of-contract high unit rates.
Your dedicated utility’s manager takes care of your contracts’ dates, renewals, and future savings, to save you from paying extra costs in lieu of out-of-contract high unit rates.
When you take any services with us, we assign dedicated manager for your team, who works effortlessly to provide you best prices and cater your specific services needs where required.
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